The Freeway Park Association is a 501c3 membership based and community driven non-profit organization who has been working alongside the Seattle Parks Department since 1993 to activate and advocate for Freeway Park.

FPA started as a few concerned neighbors hoping to bring life back into their aging neighborhood park. Today we are a coalition of dedicated community members and volunteers, 15 organizational members, 10 volunteer board members and 3 staff - an Executive Director, a Program and Engagement Coordinator, and a Park Operations Coordinator. Our members and volunteers make up the backbone of the Association and represent our neighbors from First Hill and Downtown. We are also supported by a diverse array of partners who provide programming, funding and outreach.

FPA has been a community partner to Seattle Parks & Rec since 1993. Our work includes advocacy and fundraising to support capital projects like the widened 8th ave underpass, the 2010 landscape renovation and the Freeway Park Improvement Project. We also develop dynamic activation and events like Dancing til Dusk and the Community Lanterns programs.

Read our 2020 Annual Report here .

The Freeway Park Association engages and mobilizes people, organizations, and resources to ensure widespread enjoyment and the continued activation of Jim Ellis Freeway Park in partnership with the City and the community, for present and future generations of Seattle residents and visitors.
Through the creation of dynamic public experiences, community-building opportunities and engagement with art and education in the public realm, the Freeway Park Association is recognized as an innovative driving force behind Seattle’s most iconic urban park and is a model for community/city partnerships working toward the stewardship of public spaces.
Today, FPA is a seasoned, membership-based, 501(c)(3) whose yearly dues from neighbors around the park help to sustain a diverse programming calendar of free events for the community. Its Board of Directors represents the long-range commitment of neighboring organizations and the continued spirit of civic activism that the park’s namesake, Jim Ellis, instilled in our City and our park. Please consider donating or becoming a volunteer with the Association today.
Our Members
Our Partners
Our Team
Riisa Conklin
Executive Director
Jessie Perez
Program & Engagement Coordinator
Shane Crawford
Park Operations Coordinator
Our Board of Directors

Tim Holt

President: Washington Holdings

Rich Mencel

Vice President: Virginia Mason

Sheila Smith

Treasurer: ACT Theatre

Brian Hultz

Secretary: Horizon House

Alex Hudson

Transportation Choices Coalition and First Hill Resident

Mike James

Royal Manor and First Hill resident

Doug Holtom

First Hill Improvement Association and First Hill Resident

Michael Crain

Brookfield Properties

Jennifer Casillas

Downtown Seattle Association

Jessica Baloun

Town Hall Seattle

Emeritus Council
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Become a Steward of Freeway Park
There are many ways to help support Freeway Park and the work of the Freeway Park Association
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