Saturday May 18th, 10:30-12:00pm

Seneca Plaza

Brought to you by the UW Meany Performing Arts Center and Town Hall

Heisenberg is an audio augmented reality (AR) experience that investigates what happens when we assume others occupy the same realities we do, and is intended for large audiences in public space.

Through playful storytelling, guided instruction, and original music, participants explore the history of the cosmos, uncertainty, and the social questions raised by the 2016 election, all through the rich frameworks of particle physics. Heisenberg asks: if we don’t know what’s coming, how do we live? And: if we don’t know each other, how do we live together? The piece is at once a poetic exploration of physics, an experiment in the limits of empathy, and a game.

Heisenberg is a 65 minute live audio game that can be played by groups of 30-800+ participants. Participants start at the beginning of the universe and move through a series of matter/energy transformations, each emphasizing limits on personal understanding—a cue from particle physics and the game’s namesake, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Created by Janani Balasubramanian

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