Freeway Park Illuminations 2021: "Wayfinding"

At this time, as we are all recovering and re-emerging from the Covid crisis, we are returning to public life with feelings of excitement and also some uncertainty. A lot has changed over the last year and a half. Many people are seeing the world through a new lens. A desire to connect with others is coupled with a desire to self protect. How do we find each other to re-engage? How do we take these tentative steps forward with hope and curiosity?

With this unique moment in mind, we are excited to approach this illuminated art program at Freeway Park using the theme of “Wayfinding” or finding one’s way. The selected artists below were invited to create work that punctuates the walk through Freeway Park with welcoming, illuminated installations that bring light and color to both well trodden plazas and unexplored corners, providing inspiration while enhancing safety.

All illuminations are viewable from 5pm – 7pm daily and will be in the park well into the new year!

This project is funded in part by a Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund Grant.

Update 12/16: Installations in the upper lawns are illuminated again! Outages are currently affecting pieces installed on the corridor west of the 8th Ave underpass. Follow our social media for more updates.

1 | Sarah Fetterman “Vertebrae”

Vertebrae is about finding a home in yourself. It is a meditation on the base of the spine, such a small part of the body that allows for an incredible amount of movement. When I choreograph, I often ask the dancers to start a movement from this part of the body and to find where it leads them. My work is about wayfinding internally so that you can find your path in the world. As an artist whose practice centers around sculpture and dance, I’m fascinated with Anna Halprin’s influence on the architecture of the park. Much of Halprin’s later work is about finding a way to heal through movement. The theme of wayfinding feels poignant in a time when we are all trying to find our way back to ourselves and to our lives in this new way of being in the world. We can only do that by creating space and experiences for healing. 

Sarah Fetterman is a Seattle-based artist. Fetterman attended Bennington College and the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). Her work has been shown at The Frye Art Museum, Seattle Center, Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Soil Gallery, Collective Vision’s Gallery, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, and Hybrid Space. She is currently the Studio manager for Ginny Ruffner, where she managed and installed Ruffner’s show at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in June 2019.

Artist Website: | Instagram: @sarahfettermanstudios

2 | Scott Keva James “Peak Flow”

Due to technical difficulties, this installation has been removed from display in the park. If you’d like to learn more about the artist please see their website below.

Peak Flow is a large-scale exploration of natural motion and patterns mapped onto the surface of the urban landscape. Gestural images sourced partly from natural phenomena – water, clouds, plant growth and distribution – are isolated and transcribed into simple, bold, high contrast arrangements. By adding an ephemeral, ‘live’ layer, this piece celebrates the important icon of intentional urban design that is Freeway park. Scott’s piece is a part of Downtown Seattle Association’s Shine On Seattle project in partnership with Lusio Lights. Freeway Park Association is thrilled to invite this space-bending projection piece into the park to join the other artists that are a part of Freeway Park Illuminated.

Scott Keva James is a Seattle-based audio/visual artist, who works primarily with found imagery and light, using video and projection in installation work and live visual performance. He has a keen interest in time, texture and flow. HIs education in Landscape Architecture informs interventions in real spaces intended to create real, multi-dimensional experiences. In his work lyrical patterns emerge and slide along the continuum between organic and inorganic, nature and artifice, abstract and concrete. In his professional life he has creative-directed multimedia stage shows and implemented complex, immersive environments.

Artist Website:

3 | Lin-Lin Mao Mollitor “Constellation of Hope and Belonging” 

Constellation of Hope and Belonging is an expression of love to Seattle and highlights the city’s loving character. Being an emerging artist and new resident in Seattle, the friendly and supportive community here helped me quickly feel welcomed and at home. My artwork at “Freeway Park Illuminated: Wayfinding” says that love is the beacon to follow. Where there is love there is hope, community, and belonging. 6-feet by 6-feet. Crocheted rope and outdoor string lights. November 2021

Lin-Lin Mao Mollitor is a Chinese-American visual artist who immigrated to the US when she was a young child.  Her art is informed by both the Chinese culture she grew up in at home, and the American culture she grew into outside of the home. Her art combines symbols and metaphors from both cultures.  Lin-Lin experiments with mark-making and the visual and emotional effects they create.  Marks in her installations have included origami paper cranes, long strings of yarn, and crocheted materials such as shredded plastic bags, clothes, strings of lights, and yarn. Lin-Lin strives to create accessible and experiential artwork and enjoys activating spaces with large installations. She is a transplant to the West Coast having moved to Seattle in 2017 from the Northeast where she lived most of her life.

Artist Website – |. Instagram – @artistlinlinmollitor

4 | Boomslang Creatives “Coalescence” 

‘Coalescence’ is the depiction of two hands finding each other as their human counterparts move through the passages of Freeway Park. At first, these hands shyly reach towards one another and then slowly meet as their exploration of the park continues. The hand’s illuminated fluorescence demonstrates the electricity we feel when first reaching out for one another and the warmth and safety that we find when we finally come together. 

Boomslang Creatives is a two-person team comprised of Darren Edwards and Erica Bush. Boomslang is an art, design, and fabrication firm dedicated to telling stories through sensory enhancing means and creating beautiful spaces for all.  Our artwork takes inspiration from the beautiful world around us and articulates it in a reimagined capacity. 

Artist Website:

Instagram: @boomslangcreatives

5 | ERL “At Ease”

Inspired by the rich nautical heritage of the Pacific Northwest, At Ease, tells the story of perseverance in turbulent times through painting, light, and bricolage. It encourages viewers to contemplate how hardship and challenge can be refashioned to strengthen our character and community resolve. Depending on our outlook, this artwork asks — Can we use a challenging situation to promote positive outcomes for ourselves and our future? 

Experience Research Lab (ERL) is a collaborative studio focused on experience-driven art installations and activations. As a collective of creative minds, ERL seeks to experiment and find the reason behind the madness or the function behind the design. Our creative partnership leads us to push boundaries in our work to create memorable and unexpected encounters with art.

Instagram: @expresearchlab | @tay__reed | @rsvr_pond | @sean_evergreen

6 | Seattle Design Nerds “I Am Here”

‘I Am Here’ a statement of both fact and intent, a recognition of where someone has been and an indication of where they hope to go. Each lantern represents an individual’s response to the prompts of I was __, I am __, and I will __ through the lens of ‘here’, mapping their personal journey and laying signposts for those who may follow. 

Seattle Design Nerds is a not for profit group of designers collaborating to make Seattle a little more awesome. We focus on making exciting things for the public that can be experienced in unexpected locations and ways.

Artist Website:

Instagram: @seattledesignnerds

7 | Ken Roepe “ilLiquid”

ilLiquid relates to the contemplative nature of finding one’s way. A contemplative environment invites introspection and finding oneself in order to move forward.  For many, a contemplative environment can be found in nature, and is especially relevant to bodies of water. Waves gently lapping on a sandy beach, water flowing through a babbling brook, and sailing over open waters are the types of experiences that provide space for one to find direction and a path forward. “IlLiquid” aims to provide an experience that helps one to move from an immobile or “illiquid” state, to the “liquid” state of flow towards a direction or destination.

Ken Roepe discovered an appreciation for art and architecture while travelling throughout Europe and Asia. Subsequent training in Industrial Design and Architecture led to a career in Architectural Lighting Design, gaining technical expertise and an inquisitive mindset along the way. Eventually this led towards a more artistic, creative path and away from functional design. What followed is an ongoing exploration of artistic expression, primarily through the use of light.

Artist Website: