2023 Opportunities


‘The Clouds are Lifting’ – Light Art in Freeway Park 

The Freeway Park Association (FPA) seeks artists to add intrigue and warmth to Freeway Park as winter comes to an end and spring is beckoned in. As our second annual art-light program, The Clouds are Lifting will include short-term illuminated public art installations in the Park’s main gathering space, Seneca Plaza, as well as one-night-only pieces and performance to be showcased at a community celebration on March 31st. 

This call is open to any artist or artist group interested in creating illuminated artworks that will be displayed or performed in a public space, exposed to the elements and free to be seen by all. Artists who live and/or work in Seattle’s center city neighborhoods and artists who are members of BIPOC communities are encouraged to apply. 


Freeway Park is located at 700 Seneca St. Seattle, WA. It is a local landmark and, according to PBS, one of ten parks that changed America. It is 5.2 acres of meandering pathways, concrete plazas, mature trees, grassy lawns and brutalist architecture. The park bridges I-5 from 6th Ave and Seneca St to 9th Ave and University St. The park has accessible electrical power in several locations. 


Equinox Defined: Equinoxes are the only time when both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere experience roughly equal amounts of daytime and nighttime. The spring equinox contains equality of night and day as we leave the shadows and go towards the light. 

The time of hibernation has officially ended. We’ve made it through a long, dark winter and now we are ready to collectively embrace the coming of Spring. These seasonal transitions are especially notable because they signal a turning point. We witness the return of the light, longer days, new growth and a natural reset. Traditionally, the equinox was celebrated as a time to release stagnant energy within one’s self and one’s surroundings. Mayans and their descendants gather during the equinox to celebrate the “dance of light and shadow” upon their pyramids. Some Pagan religions honor the arrival of Cybele, The Great Mother of the Gods, who is associated with motherhood, nature, fertility and agriculture.

Let’s welcome back in the light together. The clouds have lifted and thus shall we. Emerging from our safe spaces to create new ones both with, as well as within our community.


FPA seeks artists and artist teams for short-term temporary installations,  performance based work and/or art that invites participation. Installations must use light and be large enough to make an impact in an open space. Light-art uses light as the main medium of expression. Either light is produced from the piece, or light (and the manipulation of light) is used to create the piece. We invite submissions from a variety of disciplines: sculpture, video projections, textile art, printmaking, dance etc. We welcome artists who have previously fabricated pieces, as well as those who wish to create site-responsive pieces to apply.


  • This Call is open to artists or artist teams age(s) 18+ residing in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • We are looking for illuminated art that integrates the theme of ‘the spring equinox’ – ‘the clouds lifting’ – ‘welcoming back the light’. Applicants are encouraged to visit Freeway Park to experience the space and consider how the art will interact with or respond to place. 
  • Our panel will consider both qualifications as well as past work examples in our decision-making process.
  • Artists must be willing to work with the Seattle Parks Department and Freeway Park Association to ensure the feasibility and safety of their pieces. Because the site is an outdoor location, the art must be able to withstand the elements for the duration of the event. 
  • All proposed art must be original to the artist or artist team.
  • Existing/pre-fabricated pieces are welcome.


This program is fully funded by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods – Community Partnership Fund with the goal of supporting art and diverse artistic expression. The funds available will be distributed depending on the number and quality of proposals we receive, with a minimum award of $1000 per selected artist/artist team and a maximum of $3000 per selected artist/artist team.


  • February 3rd – Call to artists opens
  • February 24th – Submissions are due
  • March 1st- Selected applicants are notified
  • Week of March 27th – artwork is Installed – specific date/time TBD
  • March 31st – Opening Day Event
  • April 7th – Artists are responsible for deinstallation (unless a different timeline is agreed upon with FPA.)


Send all application materials via email to info@freewayparkassociation.org by February 24th, 2023 with Freeway Park Light Art Submission in the heading. 

Please include all of the following in one PDF or file folder for ease of viewing:

  • Letter of interest/intent: Describe your interest in this call and specify how your submission will address the concept.
  • Qualifications: 
    • Resume and 2 references
    • 8-10 work samples that best illustrate the quality and style of your work with brief descriptions included (pdf, jpeg or video link)

If you would like to schedule a site walk with FPA or have any questions, contact Riisa Conklin at riisa@freewayparkassociation.org. If you would like to see images from the first Freeway Park art-light installation ‘WAYFINDING’ see photos HERE and HERE. Downloadable PDF of this call HERE.